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I have had the privilege of interviewing John several times. I have always enjoyed the depth of our conversations. I have no doubt the soon return of Jesus is very near! If you take the time to go through this website, you cannot help but come away with a renewed belief that we are living in the closing moments of the closing days! This is the day and time that Christians have waited for since Jesus ascended back to Heaven! REJOICE! LOOK UP! For His return is near! Pastor Robert Thibodeau, Host, Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

This website is amazing!  It is chock full of biblical insights as given to the author/prophet/apostle John Meacham, by the Holy Spirit – our God and Savior.  I have read every word on this website and have compared most of it to the Word of God and found nothing that was not backed up in scripture. Continue spreading the Message brother, John. Helen Cook, Christian Publicist, PrimeStar Publicity

John Meacham’s Dazzling Light website reflects one man’s relentless search for a personal relationship with Christ. John’s search has led to Christ coming to him in a unique way. His experience is not mine or probably yours. I learned long ago not to question anyone’s path of being found by Jesus. Several years ago, I invited John to teach on “The Heavenly Church” (Revelation 2-3) in the church I was serving as pastor. I found the inspired insights he shared to be timely and much needed, no less than a word from the Lord. The value found in this teaching and that on the secularization of Christmas alone makes this website worthy of every serious Christ follower’s attention. Rev. Gary Allred, Church Pastor