The purpose of this website is to reveal God's Glory and inspire people to live like Christ.


Make life simple
Get life right
Through Christ Jesus
Put God first

     God's Glory is revealed in the painting of a vision of the Clouds and the Dazzling Light (I Kings 8:10-11)

God's words of inspiration, to MAKE IT SIMPLE and to GET IT RIGHT, were spoken from a fiery cloud (Exodus 13:21). The Holy Spirit interrupted those words as a call to accept Jesus Christ and to put God first in our lives. A plea to live like Christ Himself, accepting God's mercy and sacrificing our lives to His Holy will (Romans 12 1:2)




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    It is our wish that, as you explore this web site, you may find spiritual inspiration and a sense of comfort and grace in God's message of salvation. You may have questions like "who is god?" or "how do I start a new life?" The Bible scripture and John's own story of becoming a born again Christian make it clear that ours is a loving, forgiving God who wants desperately for us to reclaim our spirituality. It is through Jesus Christ that we may be born again into a life of spiritual fulfillment.

     The words of inspiration and love found in these pages can lead you to a rich, spiritual life. All you have to do is open your mind and heart to the new life God has waiting for you. Read the account. Pray. Have your own conversation with God. Ask questions. Spend time in Bible study. Share your real life stories. With the help and grace of Jesus Christ, you, too, will experience a spiritual awakening and come to know God in a deeply personal way.

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